The Mission

BareHands Artisans is  “A Collective Fine Art Studio.” It is the fruition of a dream layered with experiences over a long time  for Artist, Jillian Manno. Her dream was to create a space that promotes creativity both collectively and individually. The studio provides an opportunity to explore, learn, teach  and submerge oneself in various, colors,  skills and techniques of the Fine Arts.  Its mission is to cultivate a reciprocal connection of art, design, and the process.

Exploratory ideas will happen here with moments of success, failure, and the beauty of the reasons for both. This creative studio will evolve and be influenced by the very Artisans that gather at every level.  An ever changing calendar of opportunities and offerings will be inviting for one  to be apart of this collective studio. Whether you want to de-stress, find yourself , lose yourself, or tap into your true self, it will be a place of gratitude.